In response to concerns about the direction and future of the ImagineIF Public Library, a grassroots group has formed to advocate for the Library system. The non-partisan, all volunteer group, the Flathead County Library Alliance, was created due to the actions, words, and behaviors of some of the ImagineIF Trustees and Flathead County Commissioners that are
harming the ImagineIF Library.

The mission of the new Alliance is to hold library trustees to their fiduciary responsibilities and ensure that county commissioners appoint qualified individuals to this position of trust, enabling Flathead County public libraries to prosper and meet the standards of a 21 st century library. The Alliance is launching a website,, and a Facebook page, to keep residents apprised of the actions of the ImagineIF Board and County Commissioners. The website includes background information on the current situation, the Alliance’s vision for the ImagineIF library, and ways for individuals to get involved in supporting the Library.

Recent missteps by the ImagineIF Trustees and Commissioners have included violating the letter and spirit of open meeting laws; hiring a new Library Director with only a high school degree, and thereby endangering State certification and the loss of over $35,000; and fostering a negative staff climate leading to the resignation of a number of the Library’s lead staff. Other statements and political agendas by various Trustees have been well documented in recent newspaper articles. The Alliance affirms that these actions are leading to irreparable harm for the Library system, and have thus formed to provide information and an alternative, community-based vision for the Library’s future.


For Immediate Release
For more information,
Laurel Ekern, 406-471-3883 or
Stu Wilson, 651-253-3231
[email protected]

February 7, 2022