After questionnaires, research and a candidate forum, the FCLA endorses Jack Fallon as the most pro-library candidate for County Commissioner.

Jack Fallon

Although Jack has not fully embraced a strong vision for our libraries he has demonstrated, through his long service on various local boards, an ability to grasp complex issues and develop solutions based upon input from multiple stakeholders. 
He shows an understanding of the need for strategic and long range planning for County needs, skills missing from current Commissioners. 

A retired financial planner, Fallon's campaign priorities are "pipes, plows and public safety", and he said he'd seek collaboration and input from all departments to help prioritize County needs while budgeting. Fallon completed a questionnaire and took questions directly from library supporters during our candidate forum, where he repeated his willingness to work with groups to explore public/private partnerships that can solve County needs, stating, "As a conservative who believes in local control, I support community driven initiatives. "If the Bigfork community seeks a new library and is willing to obtain private funding in support of the same, my role is to be responsive to community endeavors and remove barriers to local efforts." He states that he opposes Trustees appointments as political paybacks and supports a more transparent vetting system for Trustees.  Both the library board and the health board have recently suffered from secretive agendas operating in the appointment of these positions of community trust.

Learn more about how we vetted candidates, and how to vote for stronger libraries in the Republican primary before June 7th on our VOTE page.