Both the Flathead Beacon and the Daily Inter Lake covered the controversy over Carmen Cuthbertson's candidacy and local Flathead County Republican Party organizer's endorsement of her. 

Cuthbertson also responded to the FCLA drawing attention to her campaign contributions to David Ingram in an emotional rebuke during the June 23rd library board meeting (her comments begin at 12:41). Unfortunately, she misunderstood the nature of the ethical violation in question, claiming that by donating to David Ingram's primary opponent as well she could not be credibly accused of currying favor with Ingram. Cuthbertson's political contributions are not at issue, it is Trustee Ingram's failure to disclose them that raises concerns. As a trustee, David Ingram has a responsibility to disclose when he has a financial entanglement with any trustee candidate, contractor, or staff member that could pose a conflict of interest or taint his judgement. 

Cuthbertson also mistakenly refers to the FCLA as a politically-motivated organization. As a non-partisan, grassroots organization comprised of members of all political stripes, our goals are not aligned with any political party. Instead, we focus solely on raising awareness of and advocating for the funding, staff, facilities and governance that will improve and protect our access to excellent public libraries.