Flathead County Library Alliance's mission is to demand and support excellent ImagineIf Library governance, services, and funding through community outreach, library advocacy, and by supporting library-friendly political candidates and trustees.


FCLA has five goals:

  1. To increase awareness of the importance of public libraries and threats to our ImagineIf Libraries, and mobilize public response and advocacy through community outreach.
  2. To support the appointment of library trustees who are committed to transparency, support public library best practices, and respect the boundaries between the roles of Trustees, Library Directors, and Library Staff.
  3. To encourage the election of pro-public library County Commissioners.
  4. To attain an ImagineIf Library system that is appropriately funded, housed, staffed, and stewarded.
  5. To ensure that FlatheadCounty continues to have a library with an equitable and diverse collection of works and materials.