The Library Alliance is a group of neighbors and education stakeholder who are allied in their concerns for the future of the ImagineIF library and library services across the Flathead. 

While some of us are longtime library supporters and volunteers, many are coming to this pro-library campaign for the first time. We have intentionally spent time talking with each other about our values and hopes for the library and our communities in Kalispel and across the Flathead. That shared vision is important to us and hopefully to you as well. We also want to highlight how the Flathead County Library Alliance's mission intentionally and purposefully aligns with the library and other support organizations.

We see all of the organizations engaged in a common purpose to build and sustain a more thriving community, but there are distinct and different roles. 

ImagineIF Public Library Organizations Related Mission Statements

Flathead County Library Alliance

The Alliance is a grassroots effort created to hold library trustees to their fiduciary responsibilities and ensure that county commissioners appoint qualified individuals to this position of trust, enabling ImagineIF public libraries to prosper and meet the standards of a 21st Century library.

ImagineIF Libraries

ImagineIF Libraries are places of exploration and discovery. With hands-on activities and experiences for all ages, as well as books, music, and movies, we are working to transform vision, dreams and desires into reality. 


ImagineIF Foundation Mission Statement

We believe that libraries create vibrant communities. The ImagineIF Library Foundation's mission is to raise private dollars to enhance the patron services of ImagineIF Libraries. The Library Foundation works closely with the Library Board and the Library Director to fund facility upgrades, programming and materials not included in the county library budget.


Friends of ImagineIF Libraries of Flathead County Mission Statement

The purpose of the Friends of ImagineIF Libraries is to work for the benefit, improvement, and welfare of ImagineIF Libraries – its collections, its services and its facilities.