When October 03, 2022 at 8:45am 1 hr
County Commissioners are slated to appoint a new Trustee to replace Marsha Sultz on Monday, October 3rd at 8:45am. There are 11 candidates to choose from, including some candidates connected to local and national political activism. You can hear their interviews and find their applications here under the archived Sept 6th meeting documents. 

Following the Commissioner's decision in July to bow to pressure from local right-wing fundraisers and organizers, appointing yet another conservative activist and donor, it's so important that they select a non-partisan candidate this time. Write, call or show up and ask your Commissioners to appoint an experienced, nonpartisan candidate to help right the ship at our libraries and put an end to the expensive, time-consuming political theater that's wasting your tax dollars and jeopardizing your access to quality libraries.