Serving as a library Trustee is one of the most influential ways you can help our public libraries thrive. Trustees govern the library by establishing policy, setting strategic goals, hiring, supporting, evaluating the Library Director, establishing and monitoring the annual budget, and exercising other powers necessary for the effective use and management of our libraries. These five people hold tremendous sway over what kind of library services we all have access to. 

There are five Trustees, each serving a five year term. Trustees may only serve two consecutive full terms, and this year, Trustee Connie Leistiko's seat become available on June 30th. The FCLA seeks to empower qualified, neutral, informed candidates with a passion for outstanding libraries to apply. Interested? Here's how to become a candidate for this vital role:

Step 1: Learn about the role

You can find the Trustee Job description and qualifications here. You'll notice that a commitment to freedom of expression and inquiry for all people, the ability to handle opposition and make decisions in the best interest of library services, and a willingness to obtain education in and commit to library law, standards, principles and practices are all required qualifications. 

You should also learn about ImagineIF's services and read their Strategic Plan

Expect a time commitment of at least one half-day meeting per month, plus various committee meetings, additional training, and advocacy opportunities throughout the year. 

Step 2: Prepare an application

Interested candidates need to request application packets from the ImagineIF Library office by contacting Teri Dugan at 406-758-5821 or by emailing [email protected].

Step 3: Submit your application

A letter of interest and the completed application form must be sent to the Flathead County Commissioners' office at 800 South Main, Room 302, Kalispell, MT 59901 or emailed to [email protected] no later than 4:30pm on Monday May 16, 2022 to be considered. 

Step 4: Trustee Appointment

The library's current Board of Trustees will likely interview all qualified candidates at a public meeting in late May, then make a formal recommendation to the County Commissioners by June. Our elected County Commissioners have the final say in the appointment, and may decide to follow the Trustee's recommendation or to choose another candidate. County Commissioners may also contact applicants if they choose. Commissioners will make an appointment at a public meeting, likely in early June.