Sign the petition to the Flathead County Commissioners asking them to appoint a well qualified, non-political Trustee to the ImagineIF Library when the next vacancy occurs.

The Flathead County Library Alliance is very concerned with politicizing the library Trustee appointment process. We are calling on the County Commissioners to recruit and appoint a qualified resident who will focus on the future stability and integrity of the library. We expect that a qualified Trustee should have the following skills. and characteristics, and we will assist the Commission in identifying the right candidates. 

Passion for the ImagineIF Library mission and strategic vision

  • Understands the principles and issues relating to intellectual freedom and equitable provision of public library services
  • Commits to freedom of expression and inquiry for all people
  • Maintains an awareness of library issues and trends, and the implications for library users
  • Adopts mission and policies that reflect the mission and goals of the library
  • Committed to public libraries and to the provision of library services within Flathead County


Willingness to serve as an advocate for the needs of ImagineIF Libraries

  • Secures adequate funding for staffing, programs and facilities from governing body
  • Assists in determination of and advocates for reasonable director and staff salaries and benefits
  • Supports library legislation in the state and nation
  • Represents the library to the community and local government in a manner to maintain and increase the library’s ability to meet their community’s needs
  • Sets 3–5-year goals with a plan focused on meeting community needs


Previous professional or board experience with these processes

  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development
  • Budget development, approval, and oversight
  • Evaluating and supervising the executive director
  • Establishment of annual goals
  • Working with local and state government officials


Knowledge of – or demonstrated ability to learn

  • Services the library provides to users
  • Pertinent local and state laws
  • Montana Library law and standards
  • Board governance best practices
  • Principles and practices for ensuring the library provides broad and equitable  

access to knowledge, information, and diversity of ideas needed by community members 

  • Administrative and financial oversight on a public board
  • Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Open meeting laws


Ability to Represent the Community

  • Non-partisan
  • Ability to represent needs and varied interests of the community at large and the library
  • Ability to handle opposition and make decisions in the interest of library service
  • Ability to act as liaison with the public, interpreting and informing local government, media and public of library services and needs


Demonstrates personal commitment and strong character

  • Lends expertise and experience to the organization
  • Commits time required to prepare for and participate in meetings, committees and other activities and library functions
  • Has strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ensures legal and ethical integrity and maintains accountability


Please join us in sending a message to the Comissioners today.